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Four Things You Cannot Put in a Skip | Waste Clearance, Bulk Bags and Skip Hire in Portsmouth

An extremely useful way to dispose of a large amount of rubbish, skips are popular across the country for their practicality. However, there are limitations to the items you are allowed to leave in a skip. Our team at Webbs Waste Ltd knows this all too well, as we provide quality skip hire for domestic and commercial customers in Portsmouth and the wider Hampshire area. A family-run waste clearance company, we are the smart choice for local services, as our testimonials prove.

Providing house clearances, general rubbish clearances and bulk bags, we aim to recycle up to ninety percent of your unwanted waste.

It is vital that you follow official guidelines around skip usage in order to avoid fines or polluting your local environment. Here are the four things customers should never put in a skip:

  • Car Tyres

  • Batteries

  • Asbestos

  • Gas Cylinders

Car Tyres

Notoriously hard to dispose of, it is actually against the law to put tyres in general waste. 

Fully banned from landfills in 2006, it is important that you dispose of tyres in a responsible way, as when burned they release toxic fumes.

Our rubbish clearance experts recommend that you take any old tyres to your local garage to have them properly recycled.


It is absolutely crucial that batteries are kept out of skips headed to landfill sites, as they have the potential to release dangerous chemicals into the ground.

Batteries secrete nickel, lead and mercury, which can find their way into water supplies. This makes them unsuitable for skips or bulk bags.

Many of our Portsmouth clients ask our waste clearance team at Webbs Waste about the best way to dispose of batteries, and we always recommend taking them to a local supermarket or other public building.


A harmful chemical once widely used in the UK for construction and fire proofing, asbestos still kills tens of thousands of people worldwide every year.

Asbestos releases microscopic particles which can cause lung scarring, and even cancer, when inhaled.

Requiring specialist disposal, you must never put asbestos into a regular skip. Our skip hire services do not accept asbestos waste.

Gas Cylinders

Even when empty, pressurised gas cylinders pose a risk, as they are liable to explode when crushed or punctured.

A dangerous object, you must treat gas cylinders with care. Our house clearance team recommends clients find a specialist cylinder processor or take the empty canister back to the retailer.

Based in Portsmouth, Webbs Waste is a quality waste clearance company providing rubbish clearance, house clearance, skip hire and bulk bags.


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